Human potential is best exhibited, when it is focused on a single activity. In the modern times, with the technology revolution humans are expected to learn, update and keep abreast with lot of newer technologies.

Yet, does the technology create time for them, to relax and enjoy leisure? The answer is not very satisfying. While the technologies make life easier, at the click of a button, the amount of activity required to be done, has increased multifold over the past century.

We expect to make the life a little easier, by creating time for them during their day to day travel, so that they can enjoy that leisure. We expect to take away their hassle of driving the long distances daily, and yet are not bothered about the connectivity to their door steps.

At Stroll-bike we expect the consumer to look out of a moving train or a moving bus, and relax. We expect them to breathe a sigh of relief, when they start from office, or from home, considering they do not have to drive the entire stretch, and can leave the job to the expert public transport drivers. We want to free up their travel time, for them to take a quick power nap, allowing their body and mind to rejuvenate for the remainder of their day.

That being said, we understand that the last mile connectivity to their door step is the most complex problem, which cannot be solved by any single institution, at a cost effective manner. That part of connectivity has to be performed only by the affected person.

So, we thought, why could not a vehicle travel with you wherever you want it, so that it can carry you when you want it to do so? Stroll-bike is the outcome of this thought process.

Stroll-bike is an electric driven platform, over which a person can complete all his/her last mile door step connectivity requirements. After it has done carrying you, you could carry it to your public destinations, from where it can again carry you to your door step.

Real estate is a very confined resource. There is a limit to the road expansion projects. But with each expansion, more parts of the city and town get improved and expanded. If people can use the public transport, more often, then such expansions can reduce drastically. In addition to providing the required respite to the travellers, it can also help in controlling pollution and accidents.


Stroll-bike is an electric driven, collapsible bike that can be driven standing. It would be powered by 250W hub motor, with a max speed of 25kmph. The product would weigh a max of 8kg, and is intended to be carried in public transport. It can fit under most of the seating, and overhead storage compartments.

Stroll-bike can be converted from its folded state to drivable vehicle in less than 5 seconds


Potential customers
  • All short and long distance travellers, whose final destination is within 10 kms from the point of public transport.
  • Large facilities spread across hectares, which require an internal transport system for their employees.
  • Home makers, who prefer to make quick shopping.
  • Bulk shoppers, for home use, who make frequent trips to their cars, in shopping centers.
  • School and college students, who can make self-commute.

Marketing strategy

The quick way to attract customers is to tie up with public transport departments, like metro railway department, shopping malls, car manufacturers/marketers.

Impact to society

  • An employee, whose driving needs, moves from necessity to pleasure.
  • Allow the customers to make an easy first investment and transition to electric vehicle.
  • Make an optimal use of existing infrastructure, without stressing it out for continuous expansion.
  • Create a compulsion to invest on public transport, thus effectively reducing net pollution.
  • Open up newer avenues for job, and a potentially competitive market.